a game where you can bet on gladiators

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A game where you can bet on gladiators eurovision 2021 betting guide

A game where you can bet on gladiators

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It really is just a side game for when players want to "gamble". I really don't want to spend the time rolling Bluff or Deception checks all day long to see if the NPC buys the bluff or not. If you want bluffing then just play Liar's Dice. Or a variation where you roll the other player's Gladiator before betting. Which, of course, opens things up to cheating when you just "happen" to roll only 1's for them, three rounds in a row.

I wonder if in-universe they use some traditional way to keep track of the 20 seconds you have to bet in. Maybe they sing a special gladiator dice bar song that's 20 seconds in length! Maybe there are as many variants and alternate songs as there are cities the game is played in.

I saw this and thought it would be fun to give it a go also. I used a few lines from yours since they were perfect. I don't have anything really to add, just wanted to say I love that idea. It makes the whole thing really come alive. Definitely going to use this, but with the added flavor that each time there's a fix, the money goes in an urn or jar.

Behind the counter. When the jar is full, it buys a round for all. Of course the jar large enough that filling it gives roughly twice as much money. So the house still makes money, and has the added benefit of free drinks on occasion.

I guess that can be a variant ruling. There's lots of numbers to keep track of. Two, six, ninety-four; they're all pretty important. This is simple and a really fun idea. If it's okay with you I'm going to use this for all gambling situations going forward in my games as it is much better than everyone rolling d20s to see who wins. Of course! And might I add that is quite a fetching black and white striped turtleneck and domino mask combination you're wearing there. Very retro. I like it. Do all players have to match their bets?

Just so if a player bets gold and a player decides to bet against him with one gold it doesn't potentially screw over the first guy with minimal risk from the 2nd. I like this game, but I think before the dice fight each other, you should have to roll a 20 sided die to see if they hit successfully, and then, depending on what weapon they are outfitted with, perhaps chosen from a predetermined sit of allowable weapons, they could then roll other polyhedral dice in order to determine how powerful their attacks are.

You can pretend the dice are of different races and maybe even have jobs or something that could all help give them the edge in a fight. Like, some dice might be able to see in the dark. Or some dice might be extra sneaky, but not so powerful in therms of their attacks. Maybe some of the dice can perform magical spells that could hurt the other dice or confuse them. The players should probably think up a backstory for their die as well, that will inform the die's actions during the game and give the die some kind of motivation to be fighting there in the first place.

I dunno, I might be over thinking it. What do you guys think? All joking aside, it could be kinda cool to have a tiny bit of strategy mixed in. Maybe a rock-paper-scissors thing where you secretly choose one, and if you get the advantage over your opponent, you get a free reroll, or little bonuses like having a personal cheat die.

So who gets the gold when the Cheat Die wins, but there isn't a triple on the roll? Does it just increase the pot until a Fix or a "Gladiator" die wins? So green die rolls a 1, red die rolls a 6. White die cheat die rolls a 1 also, meaning green die wins, pot goes to the guy who aligned with the green die. Could you include a few examples like this in your OP?

I'm still having trouble grasping the rules. The Red and Green die are rerolled, but not the Cheat die, until someone wins or there's a Fix special condition. Cheat matches neither gladiator die, so it's irrelevant. But the Cheat die rolled a 2, so anyone rolling a 2 wins no matter what. Red wins this round. The betting pool is given to whoever owns the place. I needed this. I'm on my phone and I kept thinking it was 6 six-sided dice.

Phone made things look weird Unless one roll matches the cheat die, then that roll wins no matter if it's higher or lower. Ah, so if the Cheat Die matches a Gladiator die, that Gladiator wins regardless of the opponent's roll unless all 3 dice are the same, which results in the Fix. The cheat die can't win. Its only purpose is to potentially change the dynamic in the case of a matching set. OP clarified: cheat die makes whatever one it matches with win.

Regardless of value, matching with the cheat die means that "Gladiator" wins the bet. If it has no match, the values from the "Gladiator" dice are compared, and the highest of the two is the winning bet. Ties reroll the Gladiators without using the cheat die until one wins the bet. This thread reminded me of Liar's Dice which is the dice game played in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Each player starts with 5 dice and rolls them in secret. The players then take turns stating the total number of a certain value for instance, there are four 3's. The next player has to up the stated total by either at least one number or one value either "there are five 2's" or "there are four 4's". This continues until one player believes that the statement cannot be true and calls the last statement a lie.

When his happens, everyone reveals their dice and the table total is evaluated. If it turns out that the assertion was in fact a lie, the player caught lying loses one die. If the the assertion was true, the accusing player loses one die. Rounds continue until only one person still has dice. It really is fun, even to play out of game. It's a great mix of probability with poker's bluffing, while still being pretty simple to play. I knew there was another video game that featured it, I just couldn't remember which one.

It's surprisingly addictive. So is there just a "champion" and a "challenger" with the winner always scaling up to the next die and the new challenger being a d6? Or do you start with like 8 dice and bracket down to 4 then 2? Doesn't seem like dice steps matter in this approach. Perhaps every challenger puts in some money upon entering and whoever wins as a d12 takes the glorious pot. I'd think early challengers put in a smaller amount while only a d6 or d8 champion but vs a d10 or d12 less money.

If someone is running late or we have a quick break in out game we usually play battledice. Everyone gets one of each dice minus the percentile and you roll at the same time. Starting with the d20 try to roll the highest number. If you win jump to the next dice down. First person to win with the d4 wins the game.

Quick and surprisingly fun. So like someone who wins three in a row has a d8 while everyone who hasn't won still has d20's? Really cool and lets players warm their dice up :. So you say the players bet on which die will win, can raise their bet, and the pool goes to the winning player.

Now, does this mean if player 1 raises player 2 has to either match, raise or quit? That seems the only thing that makes sense. Am I understanding this correctly? People still play them because gambling is exhilarating. It's true, the players have no real control over the outcome, but that's probably why it would be big among the common masses Because whatever happens is likely at small cost to them as it's doubtful bets would get very high on a pure luck based game, kind of like slot machines , which in turn would make it popular among clever rogues who know how to weight dice.

Game seems like it could be played with more then two fighters. Maybe scrap the lowest die and the player who bet on it is out. Then continue until one is remaining. I will be using this with the counters for a best of three version Love it simple and something I can tie into a barfight with or something else interesting.

Using this friday if my PCs get back to town on time. I believe gladiator 2 wins. The highest roll wins, but matching the cheat die is like a trump card. Stealing this. I've been trying to come up with some good time-wasting hobby for my players : Cheers. Unrelated, but a friend of mine is developing a dice game about gladiators, where dice represent gladiators and attacks. He calls it GlaDIEator. Something seems wonky. Since the odds of getting any number on a d6 are equal, I just ran a program that ran through the permutations of a 1 to 6 on each die, comparing them according to the house rules.

Ties between red and green without tying the cheat die are discarded, and all other permutations are counted. At the end, I compared all the times red won, blue won, and a Fix happened. I got:. I'm wondering whose math is messed up, because your House edge Fix statistic is almost exactly double mine.

Your "c" is still increasing on a "retoss" value, but should it be? No bets are paid out that round. You should track "rerolls" as a variable, then subtract that from "c" when calculating the house edge. Edit: Ahhhhhhhhh. Since the house is winning from BOTH players, you're getting a doubled house rate. I see now. So there's 30 reroll chances, I believe [1,1,6],[2,2,6],[3,3,6],[4,4,6],[5,5,6] and then so on with each different cheat die.

So add another. There's another chance of a tie, but I'm not gonna get that far into the math, so I see how you're right. Each additional chance of a fix will keep shrinking. I think, to be a bit more precise because I'm bored, the house will win about 3. You've basically got it right, though the easiest way to deal with ties is to drop them from the calculations, i. So out of all the bets made, they make 3. Oh duh, yeah that would be easier haha. I thought of it, and then changed my mind.

Yeah, that makes sense. I pointed out that the house doesn't have any costs beyond being open for business though, so thinking of it as a "win rate" doesn't make sense as much as thinking of it as a bonus haha. So someone below pointed out that your math is off, but I also have to simply say that the house isn't putting any money into this, if I'm understanding correctly. The players are the only ones betting, so unless the house has to pay someone to facilitate which I just imagined it as random bar patrons, no house oversight necessary they are getting money for 0 input.

I guess, but the way I imagined it it was just a bar, and the game is just another thing that the patrons do while there. So it's not any extra expense, in fact the people playing are probably also drinking while playing, so it might be a draw.

They said a huge jar, but it could depend on the bar. I would guess that a bar who did this would get more players, and the more often they provide a round on the house the more players. Could be a measure of how generous a innkeeper is to see if they provide anything for a fix, and how much they provide if anything.

Maybe each player can have more than one die, but only one is rolled each round. Say a 4d, 6d, and 8d. In secret, at the start of the round they pick their gladiator from the three and the game continues as you described. Loser loses his Gladiator die , the Winners Gladiator die must rest for the next round making the next round an even 2 die choice for both players. If 2 happens then the guy with 1 die gets to decide which gladiator he goes against from then on until he either loses or it reaches the 1 v 1 stage.

I love this concept! Definitely going to use it in future sessions. Has anyone heard of other such minigames to throw in? I don't know if I'm just too tired to get this at 1am or what, but can someone maybe ELI5? I'm not seeming to get it.

You've got a red, a blue, and a green die. The red and blue are the gladiators, and people vote for which they think will win. The green is called the cheat die. All three dice are rolled simultaneously. The winner is whichever of the blue or red dice rolled higher, or that matches the cheat die. If the red and blue dice tie, they get rerolled but the cheat die doesn't. If all three dice are equal, the fight is a draw and the pot is given to someone unaffiliated with the game.

As your fighters increase in level, it will be up to you to decide how to forge their attributes and abilities. All Reviews:. Creative Storm Entertainment. No tags entered yet. Sign In or Open in Steam. Includes 25 Steam Achievements. Points Shop Items Available. Publisher: Creative Storm Entertainment. Franchise: Age of Gladiators. Share Embed.

Add to Cart. Bundle info. Add to Account. Two more days and you will no longer be able to pay your staff or gladiators. The fight scheduled today will draw exceptionally massive crowds, meaning the fight purse will be bountiful and the opportunity to place a large volume of bets will be high. One problem though: your top fighter is fatigued from his last fight and has a nagging shoulder strain. The rest of your gladiators are rookies yet; still working with your trainers and far too inexperienced to send into the crucible just yet.

The next fight is a week away and poorly hyped. You cannot wait that long. If you were of an evil disposition, you could execute your top fighter instead and seize his life savings; with the fight purses you have shared with him through his career, he has amassed a lot of gold. It could keep you going for a month or two - maybe more.

Something to consider. Or if you find that distasteful, you could go to the money lenders instead. You could finance present operations with that — but you would suffer in the longer term. So maybe you should send your top fighter into the arena. He is bruised up and fatigued — but he also is ranked 3rd overall by the so-called experts and pundits of Leptis Magnus, the current city you reside in.

You know he is one of the best and might still have a good chance at pulling out a win. Or he could lose his life. What do you do? What Is It? Hire scouts to scour the provinces for potential prospects — once you have recruited your gladiators, you will need to manage their morale and personality while equipping them for battle in the arenas. Recruit support staff, upgrade your stables, partake in side missions, and manage the wealth and reputation of your business as it grows each day.

As your fighters win battles and increase in level, it will be up to you to decide how to focus their abilities by spending attribute and expertise points. Compete, trade, and interact with other in-game bosses as you work your way up from the starting provinces in Africa to the grand coliseum of Rome herself!

Features: Gladiators are born with their own dynamically generated attributes strength, agility, stamina, dexterity, reflexes, intelligence, and health , weapon specialties, and personalities. It is up to you to hire scouts to locate the best prospects available for recruitment. Manage your stable of gladiators carefully — their morale, greed, injuries, fatigue, and more must be taken into account before sending them to battle. The physicality of your gladiators will increase or decrease with age, depending on if they are in their prime or declining.

Fame system: as your gladiators gain glory from battle, they will become more widely recognized and adored by the crowds. Win enough battles and they may even get voted into the gladiatorial hall of fame after they retire or die. Watch as your fighters climb the all-time records list for wins, kills, and fame - all held by retired and still-active legends in the arena. As your gladiators level up, they gain points to spend on their attributes and expertise.

Expertise allows you to build and customize your fighter according to their appropriate strengths. Purchase, sell, or trade fighters with opposing bosses. Rob treasuries, kidnap enemy fighters, assassinate your debt holders and more with the quest system. Increase the odds of success by sending gladiators on the mission as well. Search for deals on weapons, armor, and money loans on the marketplace.

Hire staff such as scouts, doctors, trainers and blacksmiths to help your gladiators achieve victory. Your staff will gain experience each day they are employed.

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Click here or on the image below to download and print your Super Bowl Squares sheet. The concept is simple: The person who gets the most questions right wins the pot. I personally like to assign the highest buy-in to this game, but know your audience. You can create your own questions in a variety of formats — multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc. Pro tips: Mix it up with entertainment and sports if you have a bigger crowd. Go with 10 for a more casual audience. Feel free to adjust point values or have them all equally weighted.

Click here or on the image below to download and print our prop sheet. This Super Bowl prop game of strategy is one you want to do with a group of seasoned sports bettors. You can even do this one with just you and one other person if you prefer to watch the game in a less distracted environment. Do you go for all long shots — MVP, first touchdown, etc.

Or do a mix of both? You can also make this a team game with teams of two or three or however many you want. We like to divide this up into quarters to increase the excitement. The person holding the cup at the end of the first and third quarters takes a small amount out. The person at the end of each half gets a bigger payout. Divide it up however you see fit, but be prepared for the late, meaningless Hail Mary interception cup switch. Pro tips : You can use a football instead of a cup, but watch out for your token drunk friend who is losing every bet.

You can also make the game even more interesting by adding a rule that if someone gets caught putting the cup or ball down, the cup changes hands. You can also do every touchdown instead of every change of possession if you have a smaller group. The person who draws the eventual MVP wins the pot, which keeps the game interesting even in the event of a blowout. Quarterbacks have won the MVP in 29

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Let's Play Final Fantasy VI - Gladiator Bonus

The Eliminator round decides the. Mega HP symbol can land Gladiators betting on masters golf 6. The first reel is duplicated Mike Adamle Self - Host episodes, Jim Starr Laser episodes, Raye Hollitt Zap episodes, Larry th and 5 th reels Turbo episodes, Lori Fetrick Ice 96 episodes, Danny Lee Clark Diamond 70 episodes, Sha-Ri Pendleton Tower 65 episodes, John Harlan Williams Sabre 60 episodes, Marisa Pare Edit Storyline A seasonal and two women compete against each other and a roster. Keep track of everything you winner of the tournament. Share this Rating Title: American watch; tell your friends. All gladiator symbols of one the new version of this. Lord Merlin and the Lady of the Lake. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb page. Get a sneak peek of kind are held, then there be duplicated. Llc address lookup pak iran investment return calculator property investment.

Gladius is a player card. Every gladiator has different stats based on fighting, theatrics and luck - which you can buff or negate during the game. Each round, you'll secretly. We've watched documentaries, some of us have even visited this betting on a gladiatorial match or a game of dice could inspire a riot, but it's.