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Sports betting south africa tabloids

The South African Act distinguishes between illegal and legal gambling. Gambling is illegal when a person engages in, conducts, or makes available a gambling activity, when the outcome of that activity depends in some way on a contingency related to an event or activity that is itself unlawful. One cannot bet on something that is itself illegal, such as corruption in sports. Thus, if someone bets on particular plays in a match or the outcome of a match and predetermines those plays and outcomes to win, such activity would not be considered legal betting, because the bet would depend on an activity that is illegal.

On the other hand, legal gambling refers to licensed gambling activity, permitted social gambling, or an informal bet, unless the party intends to establish a contractual relationship through the gambling activity, in which case it would not be considered an informal bet. The South African Act regulates legal gambling by requiring national licenses.

A national license specifies the identity of the licensee, the activities permitted or available to the licensee, and the premises from where the licensee will operate. A person cannot engage in any work within the gambling industry unless that person has a valid national or provincial employment license permitting that work.

The licensee cannot hire an employee or allow an existing employee to engage in any work unless the employee meets the requirements of the South African Act. These national licenses authorize certain legal gambling activities anywhere in the country.

They allow placing or accepting a bet or a wager. A person can also stake money on a fixed-odds bet with a bookmaker. Provincial licensing authorities can also issue licenses under the South African Act. Both the national and provincial legislatures have concurrent legislative powers with regard to gambling so they can both make laws related to it. Provincial licensing authorities follow provincial laws that govern the regulation of gambling, provided the provincial laws comport with the national act.

There are nine provincial gambling statutes that also regulate gambling and wagering in South Africa. The provincial authorities that enforce such statutes investigate and consider applications, and issue national licenses within their jurisdiction. Such national licenses are used for any activity or purpose to which national licenses apply and for which they are required, or are optional under the South African Act.

The provincial authorities also conduct inspections to ensure compliance with the act, provincial law, and conditions of provincial and national licenses. Licenses are renewable on an annual basis, subject to compliance with the license. Apart from issuing licenses, provincial authorities also ensure compliance with and maintain records of licensing activities.

They have exclusive jurisdiction within their provinces and ensure, among other things, that unlawful gambling activities are prevented, detected, or prosecuted; that undertakings made by national and provincial licenses are carried out; and that industry employees are licensed. An essential component of ensuring compliance is maintaining a record of each registered individual with a national or provincial license, including the activities permitted under each license, the address of the premises where licensed activities take place, and a record of individuals who own a five percent or more financial interest in the license.

This type of information is reported to the NGB at certain intervals. The NGB also submits information reported to it to provincial authorities, if requested. The NGPC consists of members from both the national and provincial governments who meet to establish national gambling policy and laws. Specifically, the NGB evaluates the issue of provincial licenses, monitors licensees for compliance with the provincial authorities, ensures uniformity in the application of the South African Act, and assists the authorities in detecting unlicensed gambling activities.

It also receives information recorded and maintained by the provincial authorities about the national licenses it issues. If it believes that illegal gambling is taking place, the NGB can engage with provincial licensing authorities to detect and suppress such activities. The NGB also provides a broad public education program to teach people about the addictive and socioeconomic effects of gambling.

Both the NGB and the provincial licensing authorities enforce the South African Act and impose sanctions for violating it. The provincial authorities suspend or revoke a license, for instance, if the licensee is found in violation of the act or has contravened a condition of the license. The NGB has inspectors who can enter licensed or unlicensed gambling premises unannounced, conduct inquiries, and act on behalf of the NGB.

It specifically allows for informal, noncommercial bets that permit individuals to make bets with each other without the threat of criminalization. The South African Act indirectly addresses this issue by stating that illegal activity consists of a gambling activity whose outcome depends on a contingency related to the unlawful activity.

This potentially includes betting practices that result in a thrown cricket match. However, the act does not specifically target betting practices that harm the integrity of a sport. Although the statute is unambiguous, it should be interpreted to include corrupt betting practices in sports, because those activities are made unlawful, at least by the ICC.

Such employees may not be licensed, so the national licenses issued require employers to submit information about employees and agents. Furthermore, by creating a gambling board to monitor provincial licenses, the NGB advises the NGPC on gambling issues that come up on a local level and informs the NGPC on new norms developing throughout the country. Furthermore, the NGB works with the provincial licensing authorities to research, publish, educate, train, and focus on staff development to strengthen the role of the NGB and the provincial authorities.

The NGB also works with provincial authorities to address illegal gambling activities occurring across provincial boundaries. By having the power to impose sanctions, the NGB has police power that cricket boards alone do not. In this way, the South African Act, through the NGB and the NGPC, addresses the problem of corrupt betting in cricket and regulates it, rather than criminalizing all aspects of sports betting. It combines education, research, and treatment into one program.

Furthermore, trends in South Africa show an increase in private sector and government funding towards research, treatment, and education about responsible gambling. Thus, the South African government takes an active role in checking on compulsive gamblers and taking proactive steps to minimize such consequences.

This responsible gambling initiative is effective, where the prevalence rates for pathological gambling have remained fairly consistent, varying slightly depending on the availability of gambling. This suggests that a change in the availability of gambling does not significantly change the number of people who gamble irresponsibly. In , before the South African model was implemented, National Gambling Board , supra note However, after the South African law changed, in , there were forty convictions that took place and admissions of guilt.

In —, there were forty-six convictions and admissions of guilt for illegal gambling. These statistics show an increase in the number of corrupt gambling practices that are caught as the new regulation continues to work, which bolsters the argument for the effectiveness of the South African model.

Although the number of case convictions has decreased, there is a significant increase in the number of admissions of guilt, indicating that individuals are more inclined to confess their involvement in illegal gambling after the implementation of the regulatory model.

Thus, the regulatory model works not only to deter illegal betting practices, but also to persuade individuals to confess and settle matters rather than adjudicate the charges. Apart from official illegal gambling statistics for both the United Kingdom and South Africa, the number of international cricket scandals involving these countries has significantly decreased.

Since , when South Africa amended its legislation, and , when the United Kingdom amended its legislation, none of the major cricket scandals has involved either the United Kingdom or South Africa. The only recent scandal involving South African cricket involved the chief executive officer of CSA, who partook in inappropriate staff bonuses. Thus, the U. India can utilize both comprehensive regulatory models to address corrupt sports betting practices. India currently outlaws gambling in sports.

Gambling in cricket is regulated only through the Board of Control for Cricket. A common gaming-house is described as. Prohibition on gaming-houses, on its face, prohibits activities such as card games and typical casino-style games, or games that depend on chance. However, the Public Act does not define gambling or explain what a game of skill might be, Cf.

The Indian police enforce compliance with the Public Act. If the magistrate, an officer, or Superintendent of the Police has reason to believe, based on credible information and necessary inquiry, that a gaming-house has been established, he may enter himself or authorize certain ranked officers, by force if necessary, to take individuals in the gaming-house into custody. Proof of playing for stakes is unnecessary. The penalties for association with a common gaming-house are outdated.

Anyone who owns, occupies, is in charge of, or uses such a gaming-house, or anyone in the care or management of, or someone assisting in conducting the business of a gaming-house, and anyone advancing money for gaming, is liable for a fine not exceeding rupees about four to five dollars and three months in jail. Whoever is only found in the gaming-house for gaming can be fined up to rupees and sentenced to one month in jail.

Although the Public Act itself does not explain what gambling is and does not mention betting, gambling and betting have been discussed in Indian Supreme Court cases. State of Tamil Nadu, 1 S. The court in Lakshmanan v. In a nutshell, gambling under the Indian law is payment of a price for a chance to win a prize. The games involved in making gambling bets are based on chance or skill.

Such games include golf and chess. Games of chance and skill are not mutually exclusive, but games of chance predominantly involve chance and games of skill predominantly involve skill, although either can have elements of the other as well. Games of skill do not fall under the Public Act. Horse racing is a systematic sport in which a participant is supposed to have full knowledge about the horse, jockey, trainer, and the race.

Thus, India allowed betting on horse racing. However, because the Public Act does not define game of skill, it is unclear whether gambling in cricket is governed by the Public Act. Arguably, cricket is a game of skill; however, federal legislation does not address this issue clearly and leaves the scope of the act ambiguous.

Nonetheless, the government of India considers betting on cricket illegal. Only two states allow casino gambling and legal gambling in other states is restricted to horse racing. Monteiro, Why Not Legalise Betting? Some cities in India can also enforce their own gambling laws and make gambling, including betting on cricket, illegal. Case , U. Fed News Svc. ID A secret informer told police that certain individuals were betting on cricket. The police then obtained search warrants and apprehended the individuals.

One of them confessed to taking bids on a cricket match. The statute did not require any further allegations of match-fixing or spot-fixing for conviction. Not only is the criminalization of betting a problem within this model, but the penalties are also not severe enough to deter people from betting illegally. The maximum punishment under Indian law is a Rupee fine or three months in jail. Considering that the Public Gambling Act was enacted in , the laws clearly need to be updated and improved.

Betting and match-fixing in cricket have been rampant in India. For instance, during the Cricket World Cup in , the Indian police arrested nine individuals for running illegal gambling syndicates and seized gambling equipment used by bookies to accept and record bets. Such corrupt betting practices have led to a debate in India about whether betting in sports, especially cricket, should be legalized. The current model of policing gambling in India remains ineffective and the need for regulation of betting in cricket in India is clear.

Regulating betting in cricket, rather than criminalizing it, would ensure that the Indian government keeps track of bookmakers and individuals involved in betting on cricket matches. India should combine characteristics of the U. By adopting laws similar to those in the United Kingdom, India can exercise stronger police power to monitor individuals engaged in betting practices and prevent corruption in cricket.

One of the rationales behind the U. Thus, by employing tactics from the U. At the same time, India faces a problem similar to that faced by South Africa in Prior to , South Africa made all forms of gambling illegal, except for betting in horse racing. After , the government decided to legalize all forms of gambling. Currently, the government in India is contemplating a transition from a complete ban of gambling in cricket to legal betting to solve match-fixing problems in cricket.

To combat the problem of corrupt betting practices in cricket, this Comment proposes that India should amend its Public Gambling Act to include provisions authorizing certain gambling activities and outlawing corrupt practices. By amending the current law, India can modernize its national legislation and consolidate its laws into a simple and flexible national scheme. Cricket governing bodies such as the national cricket boards and the ICC can provide only the initial effort in deterring and sanctioning corrupt betting behavior.

To achieve this, India should follow the U. National Gambling Board , supra note India should repeal the Public Act and enact a new law legalizing gambling. To facilitate this objective, the new act should differentiate between legal and illegal betting practices and criminalize only certain types of activities. By differentiating between the two, the act can separate criminal activities from permissible gambling and ensure that gambling is conducted honestly. Thus, the separation between legal and illegal gambling will also allow monitoring and regulation of legal activities, ensuring compliance with the new act, and consequently reducing the chances of corruption in betting.

As a result, certain betting practices can still be legitimate in the cricketing world. Legal and illegal betting practices should be defined according to the parameters set forth in the U. Legal betting practices should refer to betting or gambling on the likelihood of the occurrence of certain events in a game or sport, Id.

Such definitions ensure that individuals are placing bets on the probability of certain events occurring without predetermining the odds through cheating. Certain betting practices, such as cheating, should be illegal, as they are in the United Kingdom. The types of offenses covered can be broad—where any attempt to interfere with the events to which the betting practices relate should be criminalized—under a cheating provision.

Such a definition should cover actions such as spot-fixing, match-fixing, and protecting the integrity of cricket as a sport. The students set up the bets without using official bookmakers or attempting to fix the odds of the match.

These were informal bets among friends to make some money during the World Cup. It would be unfortunate to criminalize such activity that does not affect the integrity of the sport. Thus, the new act should include a provision allowing for casual, noncommercial betting practices. Similar to the U. This new commission would be responsible for implementing the objectives of the new act by reviewing gambling activities taking place in the country, monitoring compliance with the act, keeping records of individuals and activities in the gambling industry, and issuing sanctions.

The council can work with the new commission to establish and amend gambling laws, report information to each other, and stay updated with current trends and norms. South Africa is divided into nine provinces and each province has its own legislature.

India is divided into twenty-eight states and seven union territories. See India Const. In addition, there are states and union territories. The states are run by a governor, who is in charge of the executive and legislative functions of the state. Union territories are administered by the President of India.

Each level of government has its own assigned powers and, in certain areas, the powers of the Union and the local government overlap. See, e. This is the same way that South Africa sets up the powers of the national and provincial governments, where the national government and provincial governments have separate and overlapping powers depending on the subject matter. Constitutional Law of South Africa S. Woolman, T. Bishop eds. States and union territories tend to be diverse, with varied cultures, festivals, languages, and demographics.

It would make more sense for India, rather than only having one national authority to oversee its population, to allocate authority to states and union territories to ensure compliance with the new act. Similar to South Africa, such local authorities should have jurisdiction not only to issue licenses, but also to suspend or revoke licenses and issue penalties. Unlike the South African model, which does not specifically address sports betting, See supra text accompanying notes — The new SBIU should focus on maintaining records of betting activities taking place in cricket and track bookmakers involved in cricket bets to prevent corruption.

Then, the SBIU can collect information about both legal and corrupt betting practices. India should issue national operating licenses to bookmakers that allow them to conduct certain betting practices. If individuals engage in betting without an operational license, their actions should be unlawful and individuals engaged in this unlawful activity should be subject to penalties imposed by the new act.

By holding bookmakers without licenses liable, the new act will ensure that betting practices remain monitored and India can prevent corrupt betting practices. By allowing this, the application process monitors and tracks individuals and groups involved in betting, similar to the U.

In maintaining this type of control over the issuance of licenses, the government will have the sole discretion to issue licenses and maintain a register of the licenses issued to keep records of the betting syndicates and individuals involved in betting practices.

Using these licenses, India can pre-assess applicants for risks such as propensity to commit crimes. The application process can require bookmakers to report information about the employees that work in the betting facility and state the criminal history of individuals applying for the license and employees, while giving the government the power to request any additional information from the applicant.

By assessing applicants, the Indian government can limit the number of individuals involved in betting practices and maintain a log of prior offenses committed by such persons to highlight any propensity for illegal activity. Licenses can also include conditions for the operation of the betting or gambling facilities. One of the conditions can impose a duty upon the licensees to report potential criminal activities that may be taking place in the facility and provide information about suspects.

If the conditions are violated, the board can invoke its police power and issue warnings, attach additional conditions, or issue penalties. However, as discussed above in the U. The current process for betting on cricket is itself very secretive, in which one must know someone within the betting market to be introduced to bookmakers. Additionally, private bookmakers can openly charge their customers fees for booking services, significantly lessening their incentive to make extra cash by lying or hiding illegal gambling activities.

Legalization would make it easier to resist the temptation to enter into corrupt betting practices. Given the size and population of India, Cent. These provincial authorities should report any suspicious betting practices within their provinces to the newly established board, so it can track and address corrupt betting activities taking place.

At the same time, the board can stay updated about different activities and developments in the gambling industry, as well as work with the new policy council to amend and update the provisions of the new act. Thus, local authorities would also, as in South Africa, work concurrently with the board to establish national gambling policies and provide the board with information about the licenses it issues.

If the board suspects illegal betting practices, it can work with the local authority to detect and suppress illegal gambling activity. To deter individuals from engaging in such illegal gambling activity, the Indian government needs to update the sanctions for them. The enforcement of sanctions is perhaps the most important part of this proposal because sanctions provide the incentive for bookmakers to obtain licenses and operate gambling syndicates legally.

The alternative to legal betting would be hefty punishments. The current sanctions for illegal gambling, a penalty of rupees less than five dollars and three months in jail, do not effectively deter corruption in betting practices.

This is clear from the current problem India faces with corrupt betting practices in cricket discussed above. The sanctions should be modified and, similar to the United Kingdom, start with a warning, then suspension or revocation of the license, and then financial penalties.

For repeat offenses, the sanctions can be harsher, similar to those in South Africa, where the sanctions include a heftier fine and imprisonment. Imprisonment should vary depending on the seriousness of the crime and range from no jail time to several years. Thus, the new act can impose sanctions that seek to deter individuals from violating the act. Although sanctions help deter individuals from engaging in risky behavior, critics of legalized gambling worry that allowing people to gamble leads to compulsive gambling behaviors.

Both the U. There are two ways to address this issue: statutory governmental safeguards imposed by the government and corporate responsibility. In implementing the governmental safeguards, India can follow models of both the United Kingdom and South Africa.

It can set up a gambling strategy board, similar to that of the United Kingdom, to advise the new gambling commission on responsible gambling tactics through research, prevention, and treatment policies. The commission can use this advice when enforcing the new regulations and amending or creating new provisions. Additionally, similar to South Africa, India should create a separate responsible gambling program to further implement the policies of a gambling strategy board and the gambling commission.

The program should conduct research and create treatment programs for individuals with gambling addictions. However, unlike the South African model, which is only funded by the private gambling industry Id. The private actors in the gambling industry remain closest to the individuals who participate in the gambling process and can add valuable input about individual behaviors and needs to the government programs.

Furthermore, India should promote corporate responsibility to ensure responsible gambling. Legislators can require bookmakers to promote responsible gambling through their advertisements and promotions, staff training, customer communication, and general customer support. Even if a staff member at a betting syndicate notices a problem gambler, he or she can provide advice for stopping gambling or help the gambler individually. At the same time, even the private operators should ultimately be answerable to the government.

Thus, the new Indian regulations can provide assurance that the government is holding itself to the highest standards of responsible gambling and, at the same time, the government can keep a check on compulsive gamblers and take proactive steps to minimize the negative consequences of compulsive gambling. In implementing a responsible gambling regulation, the legalization of sports betting and gambling should be limited to adults above the age of eighteen, similar to the United Kingdom.

Early exposure to gambling can be harmful to children who may not have the maturity level to recognize the negative repercussions of risky behavior and cannot necessarily afford the monetary consequences. Although young individuals can still engage in informal bets on sports, they should not form parts of the official betting syndicates, where the exposure to harm is greater.

By implementing the above regulations, India should protect cricket from match-fixing and spot-fixing scandals, which have a deep impact not only on the integrity of the game, but also the spirit of the sport in general. Countries like Pakistan and India treat cricket like a religion—the impact of corrupt betting practices becomes real when one hears the response from disappointed fans.

The need for regulation of cricket in India is clear. Given the ICC trial over match-fixing, previous scandals that took place in India and other countries, and the fact that most of the time, Indian bookmakers are involved in throwing cricket matches, a strong regulatory model will effectively prevent and deter corrupt betting practices and preserve the integrity of cricket as a sport.

The nature of unlawful betting is such that it is fragmented and secretive. Under a complete ban on betting, betting on corrupted matches has flourished. To remedy the rampant corrupt betting practices in India, the national government needs to step in and police such practices to protect the integrity of the sport. A report by the ICC on corruption in cricket stated that the lawful betting industry has a much stronger chance to monitor and detect betting scams.

This industry is also better placed through record keeping and analysis to detect individuals and events linked to cricket corruption. Furthermore, not only would the regulation of betting practices protect cricket, but it could also be a revenue source for India, creating a strong incentive for the government to adopt this plan.

For example, the holder of an operating license in the United Kingdom is required to pay an annual fee to the Commission Gambling Act, , c. Such fees not only generate revenue, but they curb the expenditures of establishing a new regulatory board. Additionally, financial penalties can be imposed upon the licensees for violations under the new act. Given that the cricket betting industry is estimated to be worth several million dollars, Legalise Betting, Say Indian Lawyers , Hindustan Times Sept.

India would have the opportunity to discuss gambling regulations and policy issues with other ICC members, cooperate with them on rules and regulations about sports betting, and gain a central point of contact with other countries.

Compare id. This way, India will not have to work in isolation from other countries and, along with other ICC members, can stay updated on current developments in the gambling industry. Thus, India should adopt a regulatory framework similar to the U. By establishing a national board, a policy council, and a sports betting intelligence unit, the government can ensure that it has a record of the betting practices taking place and can monitor individuals involved in the betting industry.

Additionally, considering the diversity and difference in culture among the local states and an estimated 1. Intelligence Agency, supra note However, by regulating legal betting, as well as preventing and deterring illegal betting practices, India can effectively protect the integrity of an international sport.

The Author would like to thank Johan D. The Author would also like to thank her family for their unconditional love and support. Toggle navigation Navigation. Learn More. Learn more. Emory International Law Review. Download as PDF. Background on Cricket Cricket is an international team-oriented sport similar to American baseball and consists of two teams that play against each other. Legislation In , the United Kingdom passed the U.

Cricket Board CSA is the national governing body for cricket. A common gaming-house is described as any house, walled enclosure, room or place in which cards, dice, tables or other instruments of gaming are kept or used for the profit or gain of the person owning, occupying, using or keeping such house, enclosure, room or place, whether by way of charge for the use of the instruments of gaming, or of the house, enclosure, room or place, or otherwise howsoever.

Proposed Laws for India To combat the problem of corrupt betting practices in cricket, this Comment proposes that India should amend its Public Gambling Act to include provisions authorizing certain gambling activities and outlawing corrupt practices. Structure Similar to the U. Sanctions To deter individuals from engaging in such illegal gambling activity, the Indian government needs to update the sanctions for them. Responsible Gambling Although sanctions help deter individuals from engaging in risky behavior, critics of legalized gambling worry that allowing people to gamble leads to compulsive gambling behaviors.

Limitations on Legalized Gambling In implementing a responsible gambling regulation, the legalization of sports betting and gambling should be limited to adults above the age of eighteen, similar to the United Kingdom. A Sporting Post website was established in , carrying much of the information from its printed sister publication.

The website design remained virtually unchanged until , when a major overhaul took place. Sporting Post sees itself as an informative hub for all participants in these activities, from casual to professional. Top quality journalism is the name of the game, telling news and opinions in an honest thought provoking manner.

The team is lead by Karel Miedema. Robyn Louw: Columnist for the Sporting Post. Part-time writer, full time horse addict. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Please enable Javascript to get the best experience visiting our site! Menu Toggle navigation.


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The first thing to check out is whether the betting site runs bets on matches that you actually want to bet on. Beyond that, we also recommend taking a look at their odds prices. Some bookmakers out there apply a much heftier profit margin on their prices than others, which means your winnings will be smaller than they would have been elsewhere.

The last thing to look at, if the betting site checks all your boxes so far, is their betting bonuses and promotions. Of course, a good sign-up bonus is always appreciated, and plenty of betting sites make themselves look as enticing as possible with these offers. However, the team here at Sportsbetting24 recommends looking beyond just welcome bonuses. Promotions and offers for existing users are going to be the things that continue adding value to your betting experience over time.

Keep an eye out for event-specific promotions, especially around huge sporting events like the FIFA World Cup, English Premiere League, IPL, and more, as bookies who have plenty of these kinds of bonuses and promotions are likely to keep you happy for longer. The truth is, not every betting site out there is great for every sport. We touched on this briefly when talking about how to find the right bookmaker for your needs , but punters need to be aware of all their payment options and limitations before committing to any one, specific betting site.

Bank transfers are much faster in South Africa than most of the rest of the world, and are renowned for being the safest payment option out there. This depends on the bookie you choose. Local bookmakers are aware of the prohibitive cost of mobile data here, so they tend to design mobile sites and betting apps that use a lot less data than many of their more international competitors. Supabets are based in South Africa and is run by a local team, which means they new to include a simple, but amazing feature.

Supabets have a Data-Free mobile site , so punters can place their online bets without having to worry about their data limits or the cost! At the time of writing, none of the local online bookmakers have this feature. While punters need to pay currency conversion fees , these international betting sites feature live broadcasts, completely for free. As long as a bookmaker is licensed in South Africa for online betting, then you have nothing to worry about.

The easiest way to see if a particular bookmaker is legal to use is to check to see if they have a South African sports betting license from one of the following provincial gambling boards:. This is one of the reasons we mentioned going for recognizable brands when we discussed how to find the best bookmaker for you. For example, if an international bookmaker has a UK Gambling Commission license or a license from the Government of Gibraltar, then you have nothing to worry about. For those reading this outside of South Africa , we recommend finding your country or nearest equivalent in the table below:.

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Live betting is extremely popular and this allows players to make bets once the action has got underway. Most bookmakers in South Africa offer live betting on a variety of sports with soccer, American football, golf and cricket amongst the most popular.

This is ideal for those who have missed the start of a particular event or wish to place a bet whilst watching the action unfold on TV or at the stadium itself. There are a number of markets with constantly fluctuating odds throughout. South African online betting sites, offshore sites operating in South Africa, and bricks-and-mortar sports betting agencies must all be regulated through the relevant provincial jurisdiction to ensure safe and secure best betting sites practices;.

All sports betting services operating in these provinces in South Africa are required to obtain licenses from their respective authority in addition to the overarching national and international regulatory bodies:. There are a lot of unlicensed and unsafe sites out there, so we ensure you can rest easy in the fact that our recommendations are only the safest and best available in South Africa today.

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South African betting sites have a huge variety of sports priced up on a daily basis and players have the option to bet on any of them. Soccer betting is hugely popular in South Africa and the English Premier League is one of the biggest betting events throughout the country. International Tournaments such as the World Cup also attract plenty of interest and bettors can predict which team will win the competition, qualify for the final four or finish top of their group.

These are known as ante-post bets as they can be placed months before the competition gets underway. Sportstake is an extremely popular way of following all of the soccer and can potentially result in life-changing sums of money. Horse R acing remains hugely popular and there are a number of South African tracks such as Fairview and Durbanville which have racing on a daily or weekly basis.

Bettors can bet on any particular horse to win, finish in the places usually first three positions or try and predict the first two past the post. There are markets such as first try-scorer which offer decent alternatives to outright match betting. Other popular sports include American Football, Golf and of course, Cricket. The latter offers markets such as top batsman and top bowler and it is even possible to predict which side will win the toss!

Read on to find out more about the most popular leagues, events and competitions. Euro The European Championships will celebrate its 60th birthday in by being staged in 12 separate cities. Germany, England, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and Italy are amongst the sides fancied to make their mark in the tournament and each one will hope to be contesting the final at Wembley Stadium.

African Cup of Nations. The edition is set to be staged in Egypt after Cameroon were stripped of hosting duties and will be the first tournament to feature 24 teams. Unlike previous competitions that clashed with major European leagues, the tournament will be staged during the summer rather than the early part of the year.

A total of 51 teams entered the Africa Cup of Nations, with the teams whittled down to 24 through a preliminary round and group stage. The finals see the qualifiers drawn into six groups of four teams, with the top two in each and the four best third-placed sides advancing to the round of The tournament then becomes a straight knockout through to the final and bookmakers will have thousands of different markets available during the month-long competition.

Premier League. The Premier League is one of the most popular domestic football competitions in South African sports betting circles. The Premier League contains 20 teams who play each other once home and away for a game campaign. Big clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal regularly battle towards the top end of the table, with the side collecting the most points crowned as champions.

The bottom three teams are relegated to the Championship. Champions League. Originally formed in as the European Cup, the Champions League has evolved into a huge money-spinner for top clubs. The tournament begins with qualifying rounds in July, with 32 teams eventually taking their place in the group stage of the competition which starts during September.

Bookmakers provide a plethora of sports betting opportunities during the tournament, with markets available on individual matches from the qualification rounds through to the final. Whether you want to bet on results, goals markets or outright, the Champions League is a great way to enjoy wagering on football.

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