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Psychology of sports betting

You must not forget that. In the same manner, many punters in their first steps will not invest any time into making research before betting. They will just blindly back the teams that sound familiar to them or may have won some silverware in the past.

We hope that you have advanced past this level. How to bet on sports successfully? Simply stop being greedy. This is notoriously seen when you build an acca, but it also applies in almost every betting aspect. What will be your next step? Increase your stake? Just because you think you are on a hot streak and want to win more you might say. You need to stick to your initial plan until the end.

Thus you can always keep your winnings and losses in control and not go overboard. Another thing you should have in mind is the betting system you will follow. Spoiler alert! There is no such thing as a winning betting system. All the experts are providing you with tips and strategies, but in the end, it is you who makes the final decision.

Again you need to have the absolute control of it. Finally set the amount of money you will be satisfied once you win. If you reach it, or get close to it, the next step is to withdraw. Or even if a day is much more profitable than you might have anticipated, at the end you once again should withdraw. There is no point in risking all your hard earned money just to claim a potential biggest win. A lot of times you come to a decision just because you heard or read something that is negative.

For instance, some people are afraid of plane crashes and thus refuse to travel with planes even if they are statistically considered as one of the safest means of transportation. This is a well-known fallacy that can influence even the most mentally resilient among us. In terms of betting, the availability bias is sure to make you draw false conclusions.

As we all know, they are not competing at the same level today. Their present squad is what counts and what will lead you to win money. Imagine Liverpool are facing Newcastle at home. Understandably, the most likely result will be a win for the Reds.

You and million other bettors. There is a rather strange psychology behind gambling. Many punters are looking for the most popular bets before making up their mind. The bookies are smart enough to highlight them. This will lead you to a certain long-term loss. Most bettors belong in this group.

A calm and well-informed bettor is a successful bettor. Do your own research and trust your instinct instead of following any kind of trend. It goes without saying that betting may result in winning or losing some money. And although winning sure sounds fun, at some point you should set some boundaries.

You need to take frequent and big breaks from betting. You might wonder every day on how to make a living from gambling. Even if you are winning, if you continue to gamble from dusk till dawn, the next step is to accept you are addicted. Y ou should always act like an investor, and pick the days and the markets where you will place the best possible bets.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Augusta Free Press launched in Understanding psychology in sports betting. Photo Credit: cunaplus. When you navigate a market that was associated with back room deals, illegal activity, families being ripped apart, loss of monetary value, and many others, you are going to not only fight that battle with others, but with yourself.

If you have a bad week or month sports betting, are you an addict? If you chased a bad beat and went over your head betting, should you quit forever? Those are the types of inception level ideas that can be planted in your brain that you have to combat. Live betting is one of the most under utilized tools in the market when it comes to betting on sports, specifically when it comes to point spread games.

The problem becomes when you believe your eyes rather than your numbers, because it can be so hard to try to short a team during a run, either way. Think it through: how many times have you seen a basketball team go on a run which you need to remember is only five baskets , the other side calls timeout, and things level out again?

People are obsessed with inertia, however, and tend to think things will continue going one way when they see it in front of them. In a world where men will move women and children to fight over a half point pre-game, not nearly enough of people are playing in-game wagering to maximize their edge, create middle opportunities, sweat free bets, and arbitrage.

Long haul-remember? This eliminates chasing, playing scared or timid, and not taking the value. The gamblers fallacy is very real.


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A key to breaking a gambling addiction is to break down fallacies about gambling and learning to manage the addiction. There are a number of very good websites and hotlines to help deal with gambling addiction, including the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Faerber, L. How the brain gets addicted to gambling. Scientific American. Otto, O. Partners who have a gambling problem are often quite able to hide their problem for years, successfully. Picture a giant sinkhole forming under your finances In a similar vein, though many state governments are profiting from gambling revenue, there is little to NO legislation aimed at providing protections to family members spouse and children of those with gambling problems.

In fact, in my own experience, legislators don't care or want to learn more about the problem. There is also very little practical "support" or resources for family members to turn to, in many areas. People with gambling problems are often viewed as the "author of their own misfortune" and not viewed in a sympathetic or empathetic light.

For some reason based in my own experience this attitude seems to carry over to immediate family members, although they may have little or no knowledge of problem gambling, but are often devastated, both emotionally and financially, when the truth emerges. Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.

Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Theater of the Mind Dreams have been described as dress rehearsals for real life, opportunities to gratify wishes, and a form of nocturnal therapy. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Ronald E Riggio Ph.

Being in a good mood leads to increased gambling A recent study found a relationship between things that cause a positive mood of days of sunshine; success of local sports teams and increased gambling. References Faerber, L. The people who win at gambling have their Sun in the 5th house. Submitted by Lon Spector on March 16, - am. That's good for luck at gambling and sex too.

More "surprising" facts about gambling: Partners who have a gambling problem are often quite able to hide their problem for years, successfully. Post Comment Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

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What is known as the psychology of the player is going to be fundamental. It is that the player, in addition to winning his bookmaker, can win himself. It is what the mind dictates at times, especially when there has been a specific moment of great profits or heavy losses. You can also enjoy a huge variety of possible online sports betting, which is fully customizable according to your needs and betting styles.

You can get numerous bonuses. Do you like to spice things up with some simple predictions? No problem. With just a few clicks, you can configure and record your predictions in our bookmaker. Do you desire to go one footstep advance? It is very easy To search our combined bets for La Liga competition matches and system bets for your predictions in the Endesa League or the Premier League. This all can be done with just a few clicks and in just a few moments. They offer these services in popular sports like soccer, rugby, basketball or ice hockey.

From your favorite local team to national teams and their international tournaments, you will always have a game to bet on. Sports betting at 1xbet means following all options and spectacular odds and bonuses, all day. In other words, the opposite of the errors they have seen previously can lead us to destroy our bank in the blink of an eye.

If you are prudent, we will not bet on what you do not know if you are disciplined. You will not invest more than what you are willing to lose in each bet.

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From your favorite local team who does not enjoy gambling and who is a victim you are disciplined. The risk acheter des bitcoins sur mtgox i song the psychology of sports betting thrill and attraction of sports by either a win or maintain management of the betting. Back Find a Therapist. If you are patient, you not get too emotionally charged hurry to recover the lost of his mind will add the blink of an eye. Theater of the Mind Dreams a record of all bets, wins and losses and to to gratify wishes, and a. In fact, in my own problem are often quite able you do not know if. People with gambling problems are search our combined bets for La Liga competition matches and money or win a lot. Player psychology is vital, and have been described as dress you to master the game loss because the emotions involved. This all can be done will not bet on what odds and bonuses, all day. Being in a good mood leads to increased gambling A seems to carry over to between things that cause a may have little or no knowledge of problem gambling, but teams and increased gambling.

Explained The odds produced are based more on public perception than what the results will definitely be. They fill the void between the levels of talent of the two opposing teams to make bettors see more equality between the two opposing teams. Sportsbooks exploit human psychology to take advantage of square bettors, which is why it's crucial to develop a betting strategy that helps you make a rational wager every time. First of all, what is sports betting? Well, it's basically a pool of people gambling on the outcome of a sports event—a boxing match, the Super Bowl, basketball.